What people are saying



“The Joba Design team definitely worked rigorously to create my vision and much more. Furthermore, I appreciated their attention to detail and pure shrewdness in our consultations. The team is amicable, their processes are fluid, and the end product is incredible.”



Will Stewart, Tech Sideline General ManageR

“We’re very happy with the results, as the new logo is a strong brand that can be used across multiple platforms, from web to print to merchandise.

Creating a new logo in the modern era is hard, because it has to be something that looks good when screen printed on a T-shirt a foot wide, all the way down to something that people can see on their smart phone display, 100 pixels high or less. Joba aced it.”



Whit BabcocK, Virginia Tech Director of Athletics

Kevin’s design concepts on Union Park at English Field, as well as his tireless efforts in transforming the look and feel of the Merryman Center will be lasting contributions to our [Athletic] department for many years to come.