The Molecular Sciences Software Institute

When the Molecular Sciences Software Institute (the MolSSI) was just over 1 year old, they decided it was time to establish a concrete marketing strategy to promote their incredible work within their academic and research community.

We started with brand development, taking their general understanding of who they were and determining concrete brand language, value statements, and overall brand direction. From there, we developed a strategy of consistent monthly blogging, weekly Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn posting, and general email marketing support.

Since working with us, the MolSSI has seen tremendous improvement in engagement. For example: when we began, the MolSSI Twitter had gained only 274 followers during its first year. We began regular posting in May 2018, and over the course of our first year we: increased follower count to 829 (203% increase), doubled the average follower count per month, and increased average impressions by 505%. Since May 2017, the MolSSI’s tweets now garner between 25k to 56k impressions every month.

Our work doesn't stop there. Since starting our initial engagement with the MolSSI, we have also developed a logo for one of their new projects, created a new monthly email newsletter template, and designed a new website for them. It’s a testament to our good work and strong contractor/client relationship.

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