Blue Sky Botanicals

Local herbalist Sarah was starting to expand her botanicals business, establishing a residence in a local organic and whole foods market. Before she could move forward, she needed a logo and website.

Sarah came to Joba in search of a mark as organic and flowing as her work, that incorporated the signature blue of her new tincture bottles, and a website to match. Our visual communicators worked closely with her to design a gorgeous, hand-drawn mark, which included unique script, and was encircled by Sarah’s favorite herbs. These herbs were also drawn into a background to be used on the website.

For the website, she wanted something crisp and clean, yet warm, that spoke to her calming presence and careful work. Our writer crafted simple, beautiful copy that reflected Sarah’s soft spokenness while highlighting the importance of her work. Our photographer visited her workspace and took photos of her supplies, books, herbs, and the signature blue tincture bottles. The website incorporates the original hand-drawn herb pattern, photographs, and copy to paint a complete picture of Sarah’s work.

Joba Design